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Adult classes

Term 4 2018 classes start 

Friday October 12 ( 10 week term @ $250)

Saturday October 13 : 2 hour class between 9am until 12am, this is to be as flexible as possible for busy Saturdays... either every week or every two weeks, $25 per week paid as a 5 week block or 10 week block. 

Casual rate is $30 per class

You can start at any time during the term and pay on a pro rata basis.

Thursday  : drawing and painting, beginners and beyond      9.30 - 11.30 : 10 weeks @ $250, Thursdays are not currently running but please inquire as the class could resume.

Friday :       drawing and painting, beginners and beyond         9.30 - 11.30 : 1o weeks @ $250

Saturdays : drawing and painting, beginners and beyond .9 til 12 , this class is either every two weeks or weekly or pay for as many as you think you can come for as long as it is more than 5. You must buy 5 classes @ $125 for the term to pay $25 per class or a casual rate of $30 per class. I have made this time slot flexible. You can come any time after 9 am and stay for a two hour class as long as you finish at 12.

I try to make the schedule as flexible as possible as I know life is busy and " stuff" happens.You can come on any days and make up classes within the term. Classes cannot be carried over into other terms. 

Class Structure

 Back to basics and drawing and painting

This course introduces the elements and principles of art, whilst exploring a range of materials. The course will give you the confidence to draw and paint, whether you are a beginner or need a little push to get going again. I encourage all students to take this course, even if you have had previous lessons elsewhere, just in case you missed something the first time round. However if you have had lots of experience and want to learn a new technique or need help with your work then that's possible too.

Extension Painting

After completing the basic drawing and painting course I offer an extension course which helps you gain confidence with your painting and really practice what you have learned.This course builds on the skill learnt during basic drawing and painting.

Exploring creativity

I also offer a more experimental course which explores line, marks, composition, shape, texture layering, image release, working in series etc.with new approaches and  techniques.

Personal Practice 

I also have students pursuing their own art practice in class. Learning new techniques in painting, drawing,mixed media, image transfer,print making, watercolour, acrylic and encaustic.

Please contact me to discuss your expectations and desired outcome.Classes are suitable for all abilities. Alternate times may be possible, just let me know.

Classes are paid by the term $250 for 10 classes( cash or direct deposit). This equates to $25 per class.Or as a casual rate of $30 per class. Most materials are provided in the class fee.

Classes are relaxed, friendly and a little therapy is thrown in too. Adult classes follow the school term and don't take place during school holidays.

You can join the class at any time during the term.

Amazing Artists on Tuesdays ( this class is not running in term 4, but if you are interested please let me know.)

I have been running kids holiday art workshops for many years.Each workshop has a theme which is usually a famous artist or art movement. I have covered around 60 famous artists over the years. The kids learn a little about art history and create their own art inspired by the theme artist using the techniques employed by them. The work the kids have produced has been fantastic and many of my adult students have said I wish I could do what the kids do. So now is your chance.

Tuesdays will run just like the kids workshops. i'll introduce an artist, talk about their inspiration, motivation and working practice. then how you how to work jut like them. You will be able to make art inspired by some the worlds most famous artists. You will learn new techniques and gain an insight into art history without the text book.

Class starts at 9.30 and finishes at 11.30am. We will aim to complete a number of finished pieces over the term. You will learn a lot and have fun.

Watercolour Wednesdays ( this class is not running in term 4 but please inquire if you are interested.

This class will be a watercolour basics course. I will be teaching you about paper, paint, glazing, mixing, composition plus the elements and principles of art

Watercolour is an ideal medium to introduce a conscious practice of mindfulness into your creaive process. Mindfulness practice and creativity are perfect partners. This course will help you find a restful space in your creativity by prompting a present approach

There will be a small materials list for this course

$250 for 10 week course

Encaustic  Workshops ( on request)

  Encaustic is an ancient art with versatility and breadth using wax and mixed media.This series of workshops will provide the basics for you to try encaustic. if you are able to come to more than one workshop you will be able to extend your skills as I demonstrate the many approaches to encaustic. My 365 project was initiated as a teaching aid for these workshops and I will be taking through many of the techniques I used in my 365 installation.

Weekend Workshops

Two day workshop

 $250 for both days or $125 for one

This workshops will introduce all the basic of this amazing technique. 

Surface, preparation, application, fusing, cutting, polishing, etching, layering, masking, stenciling, mixed media.

Day Workshops ( as stand alone or as a course) please inquire

$125 , 9.30 til 3.30pm

Encaustic gallery

Adult student's work